How to Reinstall a TradingApp Store Product

TradeStation’s TradingApp Store is a wonderful advance in trading technology, allowing traders to easily and securely use third-party trading tools. But every now and then, something goes wrong an installed product does not function properly. Among the causes are the following:

    • An initial download gets corrupted.
    • An update either gets corrupted or refuses to download.
    • A platform crash triggers a problem.

Fortunately, the fix for any of these is simple: Just reinstall the TradingApp Store product. The process works the same for any version of TradeStation, however the folder locations are different for Version 10. The following sections explain the reinstall processes for Version 9.5 and Version 10. Continue reading “How to Reinstall a TradingApp Store Product”

Insider Bars Software Update – May 2019

This post will explain new features coming to Insider Bars this month. Subscribers to Insider Bars and OF-G Suite should receive this update in the next few days. Please note that OF-G’s software update schedule has changed in 2019. For more information, see this post.

The three big updates this month are all on the Insider Bars B indicator. Please review the following:

Volume Profile Under Price Bars

Continue reading “Insider Bars Software Update – May 2019”

OF-G Product Development Changes for 2019

Late in 2018, OF-G introduced ELD file delivery for products, in addition to delivery via TradeStation’s TradingApp Store. I’m happy to report that the reviews of ELD are outstanding! One of the big advantages of ELD delivery is that it offers far more flexibility than delivering everything via the Store. For this reason, ELD is becoming the testing ground for new product features. Then —  only after all the kinks are out  — will updates be released to Store subscribers. Continue reading “OF-G Product Development Changes for 2019”

Insider Bars Basics: Value Area

The concept of value area is one of the most basic, and yet most important in volume profile analysis. From Markets and Market Logic, by Peter J. Steidlmayer (inventor of Market Profile):

In order to read market activity in the futures market, we will isolate, extract and categorize other timeframe activity, focusing in on and monitoring four portions of each profile:

1 – The value area and how it changes, both directionally and in terms of its high-low range. Monitoring this indicates how the market is facilitating trade. The range of value area as defined by 70% of the day’s volume and its location (higher or lower than the previous day) are illustrated in the lower left hand portion of each profile. This information is important when one is considering whether or not the market is facilitating trade.  Continue reading “Insider Bars Basics: Value Area”