Data Downloader for RadarScreen

This post is about a free download which will make it easier for users who subscribe to RadarScreen to manage their Insider Bars data.


In April, I provided a guide to improving start up times for the Insider Bars indicators. One suggestion was to make sure your computer always has all the data your charts require, so you are not delayed waiting to download data from the TradeStation servers.

When you use Insider Bars, one-tick data is used for initial loading, but not for real time analysis. So real time tick data is not being collected from your Insider Bars chart.

The guide suggested creating a workspace with tick charts to maintain your tick data (or second data) database.

The RadarScreen Indicator

The free RadarScreen indicator simplifies the process and allows you to accomplish it without a drain on the TradeStation charting processes. Here is a picture:

It is set up with three tabs, for minute, second and tick data. You can add symbols to the sample RadarScreen or create one of your own. The Data Downloader indicator plots two columns once its data is loaded, start date and (calendar) days of data available.

There are only two settings required, Interval and Load Additional Bars setting. Interval determines the kind of data downloaded (minute, second, tick, etc.) and Load Additional Bars determines how much data. The samples uses the following:

• Minute Data: 1440 minutes
• Second Data: 3,600 seconds
• Tick Data: 10,000 ticks

IMPORTANT: One tick and one second data are not updated real-time by the indicator, due to the intricacies of Streaming Data Optimization. Thus keeping the RadarScreen indicator running real-time serves no purpose, and will slow your computer. It is recommended that you use it to load needed data, and once loaded close the workspace to save CPU time.

To download the RadarScreen indicator and sample workspace (9.5 U17 or later), go to the Downloads page in Insider Bars online help.