Insider Bars Paintbar Type

This setting allows you to set Insider Bars paintbars to match your chart setting. Or you can turn off Insider Bars paintbars if you wish to use your own custom paintbar.

EasyLanguage cannot tell if your chart is set to a candle style. If you wish to use candle charts, you must manually set candle style on Insider Bars.

Settings available are as follows:

Candle Choose this option if you wish to use candlestick charts. While candlestick charts are popular right now, more analysis and display choices are available when using the HLC+ option.

OHLC Traditional open-high-low-close

HLC+ This is a custom high-low-close style, with the close connected to the following bar. The only open shown is that of the first bar of the day.

C+ This is a connected close style. It is similar to HLC+, except the highs and lows are omitted.

Bar highs and lows are sometimes redundant with Insider Bars drawing objects, and C+ style allows you to simplify your charts.

C Line This style was added for TradeStation 10 users. Graphic object lay out a little differently on Version 10, and the vertical component of the C+ style can sometimes be obscured. C Line is simply the horizontal line component, showing the bar close without the vertical connection line. (This option is only available on Insider Bars B.)

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