Insider Bars – Fixed vs. Automatic Plot Weight

Automatic Plot Weight

Insider Bars allows you to either used fixed weight plots or to dynamically change plot weight based on chart bar spacing. If you check the box to enable auto plot weights, Insider Bars will automatically resize bar paintbar, bar value area and bar POC weights as you increase or decrease the bar spacing, similar to the way TradeStation native candle charts work. This allows you to easily see the bar statistics detail when bar spacing is wide, and not have bars bleed together when spacing is narrow.

Automatic plot weight works hand in hand with automatic font sizing of Insider Objects, to improve real world functionality when resizing charts, decreasing bar spacing to see more data, increasing bar spacing to see more detail, etc.

When you check the auto box, you also need to set the lookback period (in days) for the maximum number of days you wish to view at a time. Also, you may need to add days of data to your chart. If your chart does not load after clicking the auto weight box, you probably need to add some days of data.

Note: When using candle charts and paintbars, only the bar value areas and bar POCs are automatically scaled. Candles are scaled by TradeStation.

Fixed Plot Weight

If the auto checkbox is unchecked, plot weights are set manually in the boxes provided.

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