Insider Bars – Insider Objects

Insider Objects are the detailed display based on volume at individual Auction Points. Insider Bars offers the following display options:

  • Single Text Text display of various volume options.With the single text option, you can choose to align the text to the right, left or centered on the price bar.
  • Left + Right Text This example shows downticks to the left of the bar and upticks to the right.

  • Rectangle This shows rectangles at every price point, with coloring based on uptick-downtick bias.

  • Text + Rectangle Several text display options are available. This shows net uptick contracts – downtick contracts at each price point.

  • Bull-Bear Marker Bull-Bear Markers allows you to only highlight Auction Points where volume is very skewed to bulls or to bears. This example highlights price points where 75% of volume is bullish (blue) or bearish (red).

  • Volume Marker Volume Markers work like traditional Bull-Bear Markers, but instead of highlighting extreme bullish or extreme bearish price action, they highlight two tiers of high volume Auction Points.
  • Bull-Bear & Volume Markers Combined Combining Bull-Bear and Volume Markers gives you excellent insight into inner-bar dynamics but without a large display footprint or need to read and interpret fast-moving text. Bull-Bear Markers show you bias at individual Auction Points, while Volume Markers show you intrabar support and resistance.
  • Histogram The histogram options shows relative volume at each price or Auction Point as a horizontal histogram on each bar. Text may also be displayed, either to left of price bars or on top of histograms.
  • Stacked Histogram This is an enhanced display which adds bullish/bearish sentiment at each Auction Point to the histogram display. In this image, bearish volume at each Auction Point is red, and bullish volume is blue:
  • Text – Marker Combo This option combines the two. When bar spacing is wide, text is displayed. But if you decrease bar spacing, the display switches to Marker.

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