Insider Bars – Insider Objects

Insider Objects are the detailed display based on volume at individual Auction Points. Insider Bars offers the following display options:

  • Single Text Text display of various volume options.With the single text option, you can choose to align the text to the right, left or centered on the price bar.
  • Left + Right Text This example shows downticks to the left of the bar and upticks to the right. 
  • Rectangle This shows rectangles at every price point, with coloring based on uptick-downtick bias.
  • Text + Rectangle Several text display options are available. This shows net uptick contracts – downtick contracts at each price point.
  • Marker Markers simplify the display, showing extreme bullish or bearish price points with colored arrows, circles or squares.
  • Histogram The histogram options shows relative volume at each price or Auction Point as a horizontal histogram on each bar.You can also display histograms combined with text.
  • Text – Marker Combo This option combines the two. When bar spacing is wide, text is displayed. But if you decrease bar spacing, the display switches to Marker.

Text Display Settings

Text may display one of three volume statistics at each Auction Point:

  1. Volume Total volume at the Auction Point
  2. Up – Down Volume Net up volume (trades at uptick or at ask) minus net down volume (trades at downtick or at bid
  3. Up – Down Volume Percent Up – down volume expressed as a percent of total volume. Range is +100 (all up volume) to -100 (all down volume)

You may also choose to align the text to left, to right or centered on the bar. If you would like to add space between the bar and text display, see the Text/Marker Padding setting on the Other Settings tab.

If you click the blue Text Colors button, a panel will open below allowing you to choose your preferred text color style. The following styles are available:

  • Solid Color Choose one color for all the Insider Object text
  • Volume Threshold This option colors the text based on volume, low medium or high. The thresholds for the three levels are set to the right in the color style panel.
  • Bull-Bear Zones Bull-Bear Zones colors text based on the bullishness or bearishness of the auction point. There are five zones: 1.) Very bullish, 2.) Bullish, 3.) Neutral, 4.) Bearish and 5.) Very Bearish. The determination is based on the percentage of bullish vs. bearish volume at the Auction Point. The default Extreme setting of 25% equates to 3:1 ratio of the Auction Point volume being bullish or bearish. You only need to set three colors for Bull-Bear Zones, bullish, bearish and neutral. The bullish and bearish colors are used for the very bullish and very bearish levels. The lesser bullish color is the average of the very bullish color and the neutral color. LIkewise with bearish colors.

Rectangle Colors

Please note that not all color options are available in all configurations.

  • Volume zones Three color zones by customizable volume settings: High, mid and low. This is very userful to highlight high volume areas, and ignore lower volume.
  • Bull-bear zones User-set zone system to monitor uptick-downtick volume. You set a percentage for extremely bullish/bearish, and a percentage for a neutral zone. Then the system ranks price x volume points as very bullish, bullish, neutral, bearish or very bearish.

Marker Display Settings

Markers work just like the Bull-Bear Zone coloring option for text, except only the extreme values are shown, and they are show with a geometric figure rather than text.

Our brains process information in pictures. Interpreting a text display requires an additional translation step, and takes longer than interpreting shapes alone.

Like text display, you may choose to align Markers to the left, right or center. The display options are as follows:

  • Up/Down Arrows
  • Squares
  • Circles
  • Outlined Circles These include a tiny black outline around the circle, which helps the circle stand out from the paintbar underneath.

If you click on the color button, you will see an Extreme Zone Percentage setting. The default Extreme setting of 25% means Markers will be drawn when there is a 3:1 ratio of the Auction Point volume being bullish or bearish.

Low Volume Threshold Sometimes, you might not want to display Markers on low volume bars. The Low Volume Threshold settings gives you this option. If you only want to show Markers when Auction Point volume is over a certain level, enter it here.