Insider Bars – Inside Bid-Ask Display

The Price Vol Pro indicator included with Insider Bars provides full market depth support. However sometimes you might not want in-depth data on your chart. The Insider Bars indicators include a simple Inside Bid-Ask display also. Here is a magnified example:

  • The top of the red rectangle you see represents the Inside Ask, and the bottom represents the Inside Bid.
  • Its red color tells you that the last bid change was down. (Actually, there are two rectangles, one for bid and one for ask, and they move separately. Bid and ask do not always move in lockstep. And sometimes you will see that there is a space between them, when bid and ask are not on adjacent prices.)
  • The numbers above and below the rectangle give the volume offered and bid, respectively.
  • The 266 to the right is the volume traded at the current price since the last price change.
  • The 2781.75 you see on the price scale is the current bid display.

The display may be customized to your liking. Controls are on the Other Settings tab, and are as follows:

  • Show Bid/Ask Size Turn on or off the size text above and below the rectangle.
  • Show Trade Volume Switch for the trade volume, to right of rectangle.
  • Price Scale Display Choose to display bid price or last trade price on price scale, or no display.
  • Compact Display Depending on which Insider Bars display option you are using, you may wish to display the bid/ask data in compact mode as above, or standard mode which in which everything is drawn one bar to the right. For example, if you use Insider Objects that contain rectangles, you should use standard mode so the two displays will not overlap.
  • Colors Choose colors for upticks/downticks.

Note: Blog posts like this one offer basic information. For more details, see online help.