Insider Bars Update 69: What’s New

Subscribers to Insider Bars and OF•G Suite are getting a new update this week. Here is a brief video explaining what’s new.

And here are a few bullet points of the major items:

  • Insider Bars B to Include All Functionality Over the next few updates, essentially all of the functionality of Insider Bars will be merged into Insider Bars B. So you will soon be able to use one indicator – Insider Bars B –  for everything. In this update, there are some structural changes to prepare for this and for new functionality coming later this year.
  • Simplified Inputs In the course of planning educational materials, I realized that Insider Bars had become too hard to understand and to use. So I reorganized inputs, adding help links (“?”) throughout and making it more context sensitive.
  • Improved Data Tab The initial controls for choosing source data (tick, second, minute) were a little confusing. Th update integrates all the related controls together, and I think you will find them to be a lot more user friendly.
  • Automatic Selection of Tick/Volume Commencing with Update 69, you will no longer be required to set an input for whether your chart is tick or volume.
  • Long-Term VWAP, Value Area, VPOC In addition to the current day, week and month periods, this update will allow you will be able to choose quarterly and yearly stats. This is very powerful stuff, and I’m not aware of any other platform that offers it.
  • Improved VWAP, Value Area, VPOC The controls for these have been redesigned and simplified. Not only will you find them faster and easier to use, but these changes also pave the way for enhancements coming later this year.