Which TradeStation Version? (August 25, 2018)

This post is to provide guidance on the best version of TradeStation for using OF•G products (and for TradeStation users in general), and will be updated as needed. TradeStation is constantly improving the platform, but sometimes things get broken in the process. So running the latest build isn’t always the best option.

OF•G products work with 9.5 Update 17 and higher. However in general, it is better to use the highest release possible.

  • As of today, the safest and most reliable version for most users is 9.5 Update 27. This new release is slowly being rolled out to users. If you do not yet have access to Update 27, the best option is Update 23.
  • Some users have compatibility issues with their non-OF-G indicators with releases after Update 17. If you fall in this category, 9.5 Update 17 is the only option. Also, a word of advice: If you have problems with the later builds, I would strongly urge you to figure out what is wrong and address it. Because TradeStation is not going to continue supporting all the old builds forever.
  • 9.5 Update 24/25/26: There are two major problems with these updates: 1) Those who use exchange time will not be able to use certain products, and 2) some users cannot access market depth data via EasyLanguage. The exchange time problem has been fixed in Update 26, but the market depth problem has not. Update: U24 and U25 are no longer available; U26 should still be avoided.
of-g sample Workspaces

Currently, OF-G sample workspaces for subscribers are available for 9.5 Update 27 only. Producing workspaces for lower releases is too problematic. The samples work with 9.5 Update 27 and higher, and with all Version 10 releases.

The Workspace Problem

Many users are not aware that if you roll back to a previous build, workspaces you used in later builds will no longer work. For example, say you upgraded to U24 and rolled back to U23 after discovering one of the problems described above. Any workspace you opened in U24 will no longer open in U23. For this reason, it is imperative that you backup your platform before upgrading to a new build. Then you can restore your backup if you roll back without losing any of your work.

What about Version 10?

Updated August 25, 2018 Version 10 in the late stages of development. The latest beta version (Update 23) adds a huge enhancement in use of Direct 2D graphics. This means that the platform now uses your computer graphics processor for rendering chart graphics, whereas this was previously done by the CPU.  The result is a big boost in performance. The latest V10 updates are also much more stable. I have been using the new Direct 2D versions for about a month now, and have yet to have a crash. Once a few more bugs are fixed, I expect to recommend Version 10 as best for OF-G users.

With V 10, TradeStation has changed its update process. Updates are automatically applied, and non-beta users are not able to “roll back” to previous builds if there is a problem. And there are problems periodically. Needless to say, this is a major problem if you rely on TradeStation for your livelihood. For this reason alone, I do not recommend V 10 at this time.

If you wish to try V 10, I would strongly urge you to join the beta program. By doing so,  you will be able to remove problematic updates. Even as a beta participant however, you have no control over the timing of new update installation. The next time you log on after an update is released, it will be installed.