Managing Windows 10 Updates (Wifi and Ethernet)

Windows 10 has a bad habit of restarting itself to install updates when it thinks you are not using it. Of course, this causes all sorts of problems with TradeStation. This post shows options to manage this issue.

With the With Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise editions, you can set it to delay updates for a number of months. This is not available on the Home edition, however.

If you have Windows 10 Home, what you can do is to set your internet connection to metered. This is a setting which was intended to allow users to control data usage when they have to pay by how much they use. But it also serves to block most Windows 10 updates.

This has always been available for wifi, but has recently been made available for ethernet connections as well.

To access it, go to

Settings\Network & Internet\Wifi or Ethernet\Your Connection Name

You will see the settings which look like this:

When you choose to set your connection as metered, you will not get most Windows updates. You should periodically turn this setting off to allow your Windows to update, then turn it on again.

Clearly, this arrangement is far from perfect. But it is a huge improvement over the default arrangement, whereby you can  come back from dinner to find that Windows has restarted and lost all your work in TradeStation.