Bull-Bear Markers

Bull-Bear Markers allows you to only highlight Auction Points where volume is very skewed to bulls or to bears. This example highlights price points where 75% of volume is bullish (blue) or bearish (red).

You may choose squares or circles for the markers, and may display them left, right or centered relative to the price bars. Colors and additional parameters are accessed by clicking the Colors button. The additional settings are as follows:

Extreme Zones

Set this to the cutoff percentage, above which you wish Markers to display. Examples:In the case of the 25% default setting, a bullish marker will be displayed when bull volume exceeds three times the bear volume at the Auction Point. Likewise, a bearish marker will be displayed when bear volume exceeds three times the bull volume.

Low Volume Threshold

Sometimes you don’t want to show Markers when volume is extremely light, for example in the middle of the night. This setting allows you to set a volume level for each Auction Point, below which no Marker will show.


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