Intraday Bar Histograms (Volume Profiles)

The histogram option shows relative volume at each price or Auction Point as  horizontal histograms:

This coloring shows the bar Value Area (above and below VWAP) and the POC. There are also bull-bear gradient and zone coloring, as well as a solid color option. The histogram styles may also also be used without text, or with text overlaid on top of the histograms.

Stacked Histograms

This is an enhanced display which adds bullish/bearish sentiment at each Auction Point to the histogram display.

In this image, bearish volume at each Auction Point is red, and bullish volume is blue. Other color options are also available:

    •  Show VWAP, Value Area and POC detail as in the histogram image above, and show the bearish volume as a dark shading.
    • Highlight the extreme bullish and bearish Auction Points with brighter colors.


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