Insider Bars Software Update – May 2019

This post will explain new features coming to Insider Bars this month. Subscribers to Insider Bars and OF-G Suite should receive this update in the next few days. Please note that OF-G’s software update schedule has changed in 2019. For more information, see this post.

The three big updates this month are all on the Insider Bars B indicator. Please review the following:

Volume Profile Under Price Bars

This new option allows you to display volume profile data underneath your chart price bars and other analysis. This includes the following time frames:

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Quarter
  • Year

This feature is integrated into “Set 1” of the VWAP/Value Area input tab, so the Set 1 timeframe applies to the volume profiles. More details:

  • If you choose to combine ticks on the data tab, your volume profile will be based on this setting. For instance, if you are making a long term analysis of a high priced stock you may wish to base it on 25 or 100 ticks per histogram bar, rather than one.
  • There is also an option to display the volume profiles on top of price bars if you so choose.
  • In the right click menu, there is an option to hide and show the volume profile without reloading the indicator.
Stacked volume profiles

For a while now, Insider Bars has offered volume profile analysis on individual price bars (minute, second, tick or volume). This update adds a neat enhancement, stacked volume profiles. This allows you to see more information in the same volume profile display. Here is an example:

As you can see, there is a second volume profile bar at each auction point. In addition to graphically displaying volume, it also shows the breakdown between bulls and bears. Three different coloring options are available.

You will also notice that the text is displayed to the left of price bars. This option was added so volume text will not obscure the stacked histogram detail. So now you may choose no text, left text or right text for both regular and stacked volume profiles.

Volume Markers

This update adds a second kind of Markers to Insider Bars B, Volume Markers. These highlight auction points with high volume. Here is an example with yellow and white crosses denoting high volume points in addition to original Markers (now called Bull-Bear Markers):

In this chart, fixed value tests are used for the volume markers. But you may also base them on volume of the past x bars or the past x days.

Volume Markers are available as a separate option, combined with Bull-Bear Markers, or combined with Rectangles.

Other Updates
    • Insider Bars B: More Help Links on Input Screen. If you are a new user, these make it easy to find  quick, context-sensitive help.
    • Insider Bars B: Fixed problem calculating VWAP with tick and volume charts.
    • Insider Bars B: Live trade volume (part of bid-ask display) now utilizes volume divisor.
    • Price Vol Pro: Improved price x volume drawing algorithm to better fit histogram bars into space available.
    • Numerous other small improvements and bug fixes.