It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Windows 7

I know many traders like to hang on to their trusty old Windows versions. I was almost able to skip Windows XP completely, with my old friend Windows 2000 Professional. And today, many people continue to hold on to Windows 7 in the same way. Unfortunately, we have reached a point where  this presents problems.

Some parts of OF-G software simply will not function properly if you use 10-year-old Windows 7. For example some of the Unicode characters used for drawing objects in Insider Bars are not enabled in Windows 7. There is no fix for this. Accordingly, OF-G is no longer supporting its products on Windows 7 machines.

Windows 7 was released in 2009. Microsoft is ending support for it in January of 2020. It was a good run, but the time has come to say your goodbyes.

Windows 10 is far more refined than Windows 7. No longer do you have to fuss with hardware drivers; it’s all done automatically. Numerous things which used to require effort are done automatically now.

Now for the good news: You can upgrade your Windows 7 computer to Windows 10 for free. There are numerous guides online showing you how to do this. Here is one: Here’s how you can still get a free Windows 10 upgrade.

I have upgraded several computers recently, and can confirm that it works. Microsoft cautions you to make sure your hardware is compatible. However if your computer is new enough/fast enough to run TradeStation, you should have no problems with compatibility.