Which TradeStation Version – July 21, 2019?

OF•G subscribers and other TradeStation users are always asking me which version they should be using. TS is constantly improving the platform, but occasionally things get broken in the process. So running the newest release isn’t always the best option. This post will provide guidance on choosing the  best version of TradeStation for your needs. It will be updated as needed.

OF•G products require TradeStation 9.5 Update 17 or higher.

Rules of the Road When Switching VersionS
  • Workspaces created in a newer TradeStation version will not open on an older one. For example, if you create a workspace in 9.5 U28, you will not be able to open it in 9.5 U17.  Also, if you merely open a workspace from an older version in a newer one, it will no longer work in the older version. For this reason, you should never share workspaces between versions. If you want to try a V 9.5 workspace in V 10, make a copy and add it to your V 10 workspaces.
  • The same rule applies to backup archives. You cannot restore the backup of a newer version to an older version.
  • EasyLanguage ELD files are a little more flexible. Generally, you can import an ELD created in a newer version to an older one. The only exception is when the code created in the newer version contains EasyLanguage features not supported in the older one. In this case, the import will complete, but the code will not verify until you remedy the problem.

In addition to using the backup facility, you should also regularly export your important code to ELD archives for safekeeping.

Version Considerations
  • Reliability Which version is the most stable in live trading? The most reliable version currently is 9.5 U28. (U28 and U27 are the same except that 28 supports new option symbols.)
  • Code Compatibility TradeStation made EasyLanguage changes in late 9.5 builds which require users to modify some code. If you have old code which you have not modified, you should use 9.5 U17.
  • 4K Monitor Compatibility TradeStation and other platform makers have had to make a lot of changes to make their software functional with small pixel 4K monitors. (Note that the issue is not the fact that a monitor is 4K, but is the size of the monitor’s pixels.) Many of these changes have been incorporated into Version 9.5, but  you will find Version 10 better if you have a  4K laptop, or other monitor with very small pixels.
What about Version 10?

Version 10 is the latest TradeStation platform to be released. While 10 includes some exciting new features, it is still a work in progress and and is no comparison to 9.5 in terms of reliability. Also, the user interface changed dramatically, and some find it very frustrating after being used to old versions. The good news is that you may install both 9.5 and 10 on your computer at the same time, and switch between them.

One of the biggest changes about Version 10 is it changed the update process. Updates are automatically applied, and non-beta users are not able to “roll back” to previous builds if there is a problem. Needless to say, this is a major problem if you rely on TradeStation for your livelihood.

If you wish to try V 10, I would strongly urge you to join the beta program. By doing so, you will be able to remove problematic updates should you encounter them. Even as a beta participant however, you have no control over the timing of new update installation. The next time you log on after an update is released, it will be installed.