August Software Updates: Insider Bars

This post describes August 2019 updates coming to Insider Bars and OFG Suite in the next few days.

Insider Bars B

Important News for Tick and Volume Chart Users: A while back, Insider Bars B implemented an alternative data feed for tick/volume chart users, to avoid the need for disabling TradeStation’s Streaming Data Optimization (SDO) with these chart types. While this worked reasonably well with moderate volume levels, in the high volume of the last few weeks it proved inadequate. Accordingly, it has been removed from this month’s update. To insure accurate analysis with tick or volume charts, you must disable SDO on your TradeStation platform. I continue to work with TradeStation management to try to come up with a better solution. But for now, this is all we have.

Faster VWAP and Value Area Calculation Significant improvements were made to database management, which make these calculations much faster. This affects both loading of the indicator and real-time performance. You will particularly notice this on charts with large price ranges, e.g.,  monthly, quarterly or yearly analysis charts, or symbols with more prices traded in a session.

New Histogram Text Options There are two new options for text when using the bar histogram display options. Both relate to POC. First, there is now a separate color setting for VPOC/APOC, to make it easier to follow.  So for example, you might have your primary text color set to light gray and your POC set to yellow.

Second, there is a new option to only display the volume text for VPOC/APOC. To access this, choose “POC only” from the text alignment drop-down box in inputs. This allows you to easily monitor POC volume levels from bar to bar with a less cluttered display. And since it only has one text object per bar, you can use fixed font sizing without the text bleeding together when volatility increases.

Only display text on POC

Improved Text Sizing Changes were made to the Insider Object automatic text sizing to better fit the space available. Additionally, a new control was added to the font size section of inputs to allow you to “fine-tune” the automatic scaling further.

Volume Markers Fixed a bug which caused inaccurate real-time updating in some situations.

Color Fine-Tune Buttons These were added to the color panel to allow easy adjustment of color without needing to type RGB values. For example, say you choose yellow from the color list but it is a little too bright. Clicking the down arrow button will reduce the brightness.

Hide on Daily Weekly or Monthly Charts This is a convenience item for G
Square Pro users. Sometimes you want to switch your intraday chart to a larger time frame, but Insider Bars B does not work with these. What I did was added code to disable Insider Bars B on daily, weekly or monthly charts. Then when you switch back to an intraday chart, Insider Bars B reloads normally.

TradeStation 10 Compatibility Updates Structural changes were necessary on the Bull Bear Vol and Insider Bars Spectrum indicators for TradingApp Store subscribers to keep them compatible with the latest versions of TS 10. The download link in online help has been updated with the updated files. Additionally, Insider Bars and OFG Suite subscribers and trial participants will be receiving the new file via email.

Additionally, some temporary fixes have been made to address graphics problems in TS 10. (TS 9.5 users are not affected.) Once the issues are addressed by TradeStation, these fixes will be removed.