Updating an ELD Product

This post applies to ELD subscribers only!

When you receive a new update to your OF-G ELD product, there is a simple but important step you can take which will save you time and trouble.

The Problem

TradeStation automatically includes User Functions (Security Keys) when an indicator is exported to an ELD file. If you install these, they can overwrite your Security Keys which you got from the TradingApp Store, and your product will  no longer function.  You can sometimes get  an error such as this:

Error Calculating the applied OFG Insider Bars B: Please be sure that OFG Insider Bars B as well as any dependent functions are verified.

Avoiding The Problem

When you are updating your existing product or installing a beta release, DO NOT install the User Functions.

Step 1:  On the first import screen, uncheck the box to import Function:

Step 2: The import wizard will still ask you if you want to replace each of the user functions. Click no for each of these:

If you follow these steps, only the new indicator will be installed and you will not have any issues with your security keys.

Repairing the Problem

If you forget and just install everything, it’s not a big problem. You just need  remove and reinstall your TradingApp Store Security Keys. To do so, follow the instructions in this post:

Reinstalling a TradingApp Store Product

Important: Your Security Keys from the TradingApp Store should always be the last thing installed, and should not be overwritten by any software update. If they are overwritten, you will probably have to reinstall the Security Keys to be able to access your product.