G Square Pro Update – September 2019

In the next few days, a big new update to G Square Pro will be released. It includes a number of features which make it faster and easier to use.

Feedback from beta testers has been extremely favorable!

Below are the major items:

  • Automatic Data Management Different analysis periods require different amounts of data. For example, you need more days of data for a monthly cycle analysis than for a weekly one. And what GSP requires often does not match TradeStation’s standard data for charts. This update adds functionality to automatically load additional data to your chart if needed for your chosen analysis. So no matter what cycle length you choose, you should always have sufficient days of data for the analysis.
  • Custom Session Management This update adds functionality so you can  control your chart custom session from the input screen, or to switch with one click from the right-click menu. So futures traders can easily switch back and forth between standard sessions and pit custom sessions. And stock traders can switch between the standard session and extended sessions with pre- and post-market trading.
  • Simplified Scaling Selection Fixed Scaling now has a series of buttons to select popular scaling options without typing. And in addition, you can modify the base scaling with 2x, 1/2x, 10x, and 1/10x buttons.
  • New Right Click Menu Functionality:
  • Context Sensitive Help  Get help directly from the input screen. Online help has also been expanded.

TradingApp Store subscribers will receive notification via the TradeStation platform when the update is available. ELD subscribers will receive the update via email.