Transferring Insider Bars Settings the Easy Way (Video)

There are a number of instances where you may wish to transfer your settings. For example,

  • If you would like to replicate a chart for a second symbol
  • If you are switching from the Insider Bars product to the  OF-G Suite product on the TradingApp Store, or vice versa (Different products use different indicator names.)
  • If you are switching from a TradingApp Store subscription to an ELD subscription (Here also, different indicator names are employed.)

Insider Bars (and all the OF-G products) have a lot of settings. Manually recreating your chart would be a long and tedious process. Fortunately, there is an easy way to transfer your settings automatically. Continue reading “Transferring Insider Bars Settings the Easy Way (Video)”

How to Reinstall a TradingApp Store Product

TradeStation’s TradingApp Store is a wonderful advance in trading technology, allowing traders to easily and securely use third-party trading tools. But every now and then, something goes wrong an installed product does not function properly. Among the causes are the following:

    • An initial download gets corrupted.
    • An update either gets corrupted or refuses to download.
    • A platform crash triggers a problem.

Fortunately, the fix for any of these is simple: Just reinstall the TradingApp Store product. The process works the same for any version of TradeStation, however the folder locations are different for Version 10. The following sections explain the reinstall processes for Version 9.5 and Version 10. Continue reading “How to Reinstall a TradingApp Store Product”