Using 1440 Minute Charts with Insider Bars (Updated 2-5-2020)

A Subscriber Asks: Why do you use 1440 minute charts with Insider Bars?

A chart of 1440 minutes equates to one day, 24 hours x 60 minutes per hour. So a 1440 minute chart is an alternative to using a daily chart.

The reason we do not use daily charts for Insider Bars is that the real-time volume data on TradeStation daily charts is different than on minute, second, tick and volume charts. It includes late prints, spread trades and various other things which would be noisy on intraday charts. Continue reading “Using 1440 Minute Charts with Insider Bars (Updated 2-5-2020)”

Traders Process Visual Data Better

I am always urging OF-G software subscribers to try graphic depictions of order flow data, rather than old school numeric or textual displays. And there is a reason for this: Our brains are much more efficient at processing pictures and shapes than  at processing text. Here is a quote from the article,  Humans Process Visual Data Better:

“Visualization works from a human perspective because we respond to and process visual data better than any other type of data. In fact, the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text…”

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How to Reinstall a TradingApp Store Product

TradeStation’s TradingApp Store is a wonderful advance in trading technology, allowing traders to easily and securely use third-party trading tools. But every now and then, something goes wrong an installed product does not function properly. Among the causes are the following:

    • An initial download gets corrupted.
    • An update either gets corrupted or refuses to download.
    • A platform crash triggers a problem.

Fortunately, the fix for any of these is simple: Just reinstall the TradingApp Store product. The process works the same for any version of TradeStation, however the folder locations are different for Version 10. The following sections explain the reinstall processes for Version 9.5 and Version 10. Continue reading “How to Reinstall a TradingApp Store Product”

The Importance of Custom Futures Symbols at Index Rollover

In recent years, the US stock index futures markets have shifted their rollover practices, and TradeStation’s standard continuous contracts have not been adjusted accordingly. With volume-centric analysis tools like Insider Bars, this can cause significant differences in analysis results. For best results, you should use custom continuous contracts which may be tailored to current market practices.

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Subscribe to OF-G without a TradeStation Brokerage Account

The TradeStation TradingApp Store does not permit a software-only subscriber (one without a TradeStation brokerage account) to subscribe to premium products. I’m happy to report that OF-G now offers Paypal-based subscriptions for those without a brokerage account. These are available on a quarterly basis. Please email if interested.

TradeStation Tip: Reprogram your Mouse Wheel

This is a simple trick which makes using TradeStation much more efficient:

Reprogram your mouse wheel to increase and decrease bar spacing.

This allows you — with a flick of your finger — to see the big picture with lots of bars, or to focus on the details of the most recent bars. Insider Bars can be programmed to show different data based on different bar spacing. So you have multiple analyses in one chart. Continue reading “TradeStation Tip: Reprogram your Mouse Wheel”