OF-G Updates – Week of July 2, 2018

Attention OF-G Users: Commencing today, release notes for software updates will be provided via the OF-G Blog rather than by email. Please subscribe by email or RSS to keep up with the latest developments for your product.

All of the OF-G premium products are receiving updates this week, to address some “back office” changes made by the TradeStation. There are two primary issues:

  • In recent TradeStation updates, input screens for tradingapps like Time Sales Pro have been opening behind the platform, rather than on top as they historically have. This has been fixed.
  • TradeStation fixed a long-standing (7-8 years old) EasyLanguage bug, and this affected how OF-G default settings were saved and retrieved. Changes were needed to address the update. If you have saved your personal default settings for any of the indicators which permit this, you will need to resave them once you get this week’s update. (This is not TradeStation version-sensitive; the changes apply equally to all TS versions.)

Insider Bars Users: There is also a little bug fix in the market depth display of Price Vol Pro. In some instances where market depth updated before the first trade of a new bar, market depth had some display irregularities; these should be fixed now.

Also, I am still anticipating a fix for the Insider Bars tick/volume chart – streaming data optimization issue later this month. So stay tuned.

Subscribe to OF-G without a TradeStation Brokerage Account

The TradeStation TradingApp Store does not permit a software-only subscriber (one without a TradeStation brokerage account) to subscribe to premium products. I’m happy to report that OF-G now offers Paypal-based subscriptions for those without a brokerage account. These are available on a quarterly or yearly basis. Please email if interested.

Insider Bars – Automatic vs. Fixed Font Sizes

Insider Bars displays text and graphic objects on your TradeStation charts. This can be a little tricky, since the number of price points on the screen varies widely depending on the symbol charted and on market volatility. One day you might be able to display text at every price from that day using font size 10, and another day the same font size will have text bleeding together and illegible due to many more price levels being shown on the screen.

To address this issue, Insider Bars can control the font size automatically based on what can be displayed given chart size, price data, bar spacing, etc. If you would rather control font sizes manually, you can do this also. Continue reading “Insider Bars – Automatic vs. Fixed Font Sizes”

TradeStation Tip: Reprogram your Mouse Wheel

This is a simple trick which makes using TradeStation much more efficient:

Reprogram your mouse wheel to increase and decrease bar spacing.

This allows you — with a flick of your finger — to see the big picture with lots of bars, or to focus on the details of the most recent bars. Insider Bars can be programmed to show different data based on different bar spacing. So you have multiple analyses in one chart. Continue reading “TradeStation Tip: Reprogram your Mouse Wheel”

Insider Bars – Insider Objects

Insider Objects are the detailed display based on volume at individual Auction Points. Insider Bars offers the following display options:

  • Single Text Text display of various volume options.With the single text option, you can choose to align the text to the right, left or centered on the price bar.
  • Left + Right Text This example shows downticks to the left of the bar and upticks to the right. 
  • Rectangle This shows rectangles at every price point, with coloring based on uptick-downtick bias.
  • Text + Rectangle Several text display options are available. This shows net uptick contracts – downtick contracts at each price point.
  • Marker Markers simplify the display, showing extreme bullish or bearish price points with colored arrows, circles or squares.
  • Histogram The histogram options shows relative volume at each price or Auction Point as a horizontal histogram on each bar.You can also display histograms combined with text.
  • Text – Marker Combo This option combines the two. When bar spacing is wide, text is displayed. But if you decrease bar spacing, the display switches to Marker.

Continue reading “Insider Bars – Insider Objects”