Subscribe to OF-G without a TradeStation Brokerage Account

The TradeStation TradingApp Store does not permit a software-only subscriber (one without a TradeStation brokerage account) to subscribe to premium products. I’m happy to report that OF-G now offers Paypal-based subscriptions for those without a brokerage account. These are available on a quarterly basis. Please email if interested.

Insider Bars – Automatic vs. Fixed Font Sizes

Insider Bars displays text and graphic objects on your TradeStation charts. This can be a little tricky, since the number of price points on the screen varies widely depending on the symbol charted and on market volatility. One day you might be able to display text at every price from that day using font size 10, and another day the same font size will have text bleeding together and illegible due to many more price levels being shown on the screen.

To address this issue, Insider Bars can control the font size automatically based on what can be displayed given chart size, price data, bar spacing, etc. If you would rather control font sizes manually, you can do this also. Continue reading “Insider Bars – Automatic vs. Fixed Font Sizes”

TradeStation Tip: Reprogram your Mouse Wheel

This is a simple trick which makes using TradeStation much more efficient:

Reprogram your mouse wheel to increase and decrease bar spacing.

This allows you — with a flick of your finger — to see the big picture with lots of bars, or to focus on the details of the most recent bars. Insider Bars can be programmed to show different data based on different bar spacing. So you have multiple analyses in one chart. Continue reading “TradeStation Tip: Reprogram your Mouse Wheel”

Insider Bars – Insider Objects

Insider Objects are the detailed display based on volume at individual Auction Points. Insider Bars offers the following display options:

  • Single Text Text display of various volume options.With the single text option, you can choose to align the text to the right, left or centered on the price bar.
  • Left + Right Text This example shows downticks to the left of the bar and upticks to the right.

  • Rectangle This shows rectangles at every price point, with coloring based on uptick-downtick bias.

  • Text + Rectangle Several text display options are available. This shows net uptick contracts – downtick contracts at each price point.

  • Bull-Bear Marker Bull-Bear Markers allows you to only highlight Auction Points where volume is very skewed to bulls or to bears. This example highlights price points where 75% of volume is bullish (blue) or bearish (red).

  • Volume Marker Volume Markers work like traditional Bull-Bear Markers, but instead of highlighting extreme bullish or extreme bearish price action, they highlight two tiers of high volume Auction Points.
  • Bull-Bear & Volume Markers Combined Combining Bull-Bear and Volume Markers gives you excellent insight into inner-bar dynamics but without a large display footprint or need to read and interpret fast-moving text. Bull-Bear Markers show you bias at individual Auction Points, while Volume Markers show you intrabar support and resistance.
  • Histogram The histogram options shows relative volume at each price or Auction Point as a horizontal histogram on each bar. Text may also be displayed, either to left of price bars or on top of histograms.
  • Stacked Histogram This is an enhanced display which adds bullish/bearish sentiment at each Auction Point to the histogram display. In this image, bearish volume at each Auction Point is red, and bullish volume is blue:
  • Text – Marker Combo This option combines the two. When bar spacing is wide, text is displayed. But if you decrease bar spacing, the display switches to Marker.

Note: Blog posts like this one offer basic information. For more details, see online help.

Insider Bars – Fixed vs. Automatic Plot Weight

Automatic Plot Weight

Insider Bars allows you to either used fixed weight plots or to dynamically change plot weight based on chart bar spacing. If you check the box to enable auto plot weights, Insider Bars will automatically resize bar paintbar, bar value area and bar POC weights as you increase or decrease the bar spacing, similar to the way TradeStation native candle charts work. This allows you to easily see the bar statistics detail when bar spacing is wide, and not have bars bleed together when spacing is narrow.

Automatic plot weight works hand in hand with automatic font sizing of Insider Objects, to improve real world functionality when resizing charts, decreasing bar spacing to see more data, increasing bar spacing to see more detail, etc.

Continue reading “Insider Bars – Fixed vs. Automatic Plot Weight”

Insider Bars – Bar Value Area

The Bar Value Area is the central zone where a user-determined percentage of volume traded. For example, the default value of 70% corresponds to one standard deviation bands in statistics. The difference between value area and standard deviation is that value area is the actual value based on the entire population (i.e., trades occurring in a bar), whereas standard deviation is an estimate of value area.

The value area high and low represent stronger resistance and support than the bar’s actual highs and lows, which often have minimal volume. Also pay attention to the skewness of the value area, i.e., whether it is nearer the top of the bar, the bottom or is centered. This is a simple way to see where in the bar most of the volume traded.

Insider Bars Bar Value Areas are denoted as a thicker “body” when using HLC+ paintbars, or on candle paintbars as a secondary rectangular body on top of the candle body.

Note: Blog posts like this one offer basic information. For more details, see online help.